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To the 50th Anniversary of the Euro-Pallet

When a product remains unaltered for 50 years, it’s either ready to get displayed in a museum or it stood the test of time with flying colours. The Euro-pallet belongs to the second category, no doubt. Its success story started … Continue reading

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1,000 Picks per hour – What you need to know!

Whether you’re visiting CeMAT in Hanover or doing online research on order picking systems, there’s a certain buzzword following you around: “1,000 picks per hour”. But not every system claiming to deliver 1,000 picks per hour is really able to … Continue reading

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The 5 Cent Secret

Order picking at 5 cents per order line, and fully automatic – how does that work? The workhorse of pharmaceutical distribution and at the same time a real underdog in warehouse automation, that’s the A-Frame picking system. But how come … Continue reading

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