The strengths and sustainability of all the companies in the Schaefer Group are assured by the active involvement of the family that owns the company.

The values and goals of the company's founder, his striving for entrepreneurial autonomy, remaining independent thanks to in-house financial involvement; based on these principles, the management implements a far-sighted and sustainable company strategy:

"As the owning family we have always represented the backbone of the entire Group, and thanks to our strong commitment, ensure reliable and forward-looking development opportunities.

We want the values we have built on to shape the company. Based on these values, we have defined guiding principles for the management of the company."

The key statements are:       
  • We think, plan and act with a long-term view
  • We search for market-oriented innovations, promote them and implement them
  • We want to "grow",  but not at any cost
  • We limit risks, and only undertake them in an acceptable framework
  • We reinforce our financial strength thanks to internal financing
  • We accept social responsibility wherever we are able to
  • We stand for sustainability when dealing with resources

Appreciation, trust and reliability are the key characteristics of our dealings and collaboration with employees, customers and business partners. Combined with this approach, a focus on reliability becomes clear: 

"We are convinced that we have formed an important basis for the entire company group that will enable us to continue to tackle future challenges sustainably and successfully."

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